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Now Is The Time
Verse; They knew he was innocent yet they cried guilty, guilty, sentenced him to death. They tortured and beat him. Yes, they did.
Chorus: Now he was innocent, oh Lord, no sin did he do.
Verse: They hung him high, nailed him to the cross, to the cross. Oh, what pain he suffered for you and for me. Oh, Yes
Chorus: Pierce him in the side, the blood came streaming down. What love he has for you.
Verse: Now, he died for you. Yes, he did. He died for me. Now is the time to come to him.
Chorus: Come to him.
Verse: You want find no peace with that needle in your arm. No you want. No joy smoking that happy stick. No.
Chorus: Now is the time to come to him. Now is the time.
Verse: He was innocent. oh, yes, no sin did he do. Listen, come to Jesus.
Chorus: Come now, now is the time, now, don't wait, come running, now.
Verse: Come running to him. Oh, come to Jesus, come now.
Chorus: Come to Jesus, come now. Don't wait. Come now, Now is the time to come to him,
Verse: Hell is too hot, eternity too long, lost is the saddest word. How sweet is to sing blessed assurance, Jesus is mine.
Chorus: Come while he is calling you. He is calling you now. Now is your time.
Short Song Description:
Everyone can relate to the "injustice" that take place in our society. If someone took your place, sentenced to death for you, would you be grateful?
Long Song Description:
Person torture, sentenced and executed was found to be innocent after all. His last request extended to all - believe on me and receive eternal life. This song is about understaning the liimitation of time.
Story Behind the Song:
During my mediation/devotional time I was reflecting on the high cost of salvation and the fact that even God's mercy runs out for some people. Everyone can relate to the "injustice" that take place in our society. God sent his son to be sentenced for o
Lyric Credits: Yvonne Perkins
Music Credits: Walter Jones
Performance Credits: Walter Jones
Song Length: 5:18
Primary Genre: Unique-Gospel
Secondary Genre: R & B-Religious
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Duet Male/Female
Subject Matter 1: Change
Subject Matter 2: Judgement
Mood 1: Diplomatic
Mood 2: Welcoming
Similar Artist 1: Boyz II Men
Similar Artist 2: Jars Of Clay
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later